An excellent track record since 1987

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Founded and first
sutures produced

Medipac was founded in 1987, and has been the leading production unit in surgical sutures in Greece ever since. In 1988 the first Polyamid, Polyester, Propylen, Silk and Stainless Steel products were released.
Our products have always been highly regarded for their quality levels as well as for their competitiveness manifested in terms of their price, accompanied by the company’s remarkable service design that meets every need of our trade partners.

First ISO Certificate

We establish a quality management system that complies with the requirements of the ISO standard for the first time, thus setting the highest quality standards for the following years.

First CE Certificate

Our products are CE certified conforming with all the relevant health, safety, and environmental protection standards that the European Union set.


PGA is the first synthetic absorbable surgical suture class to frame Medipac’s portfolio. This very common product brand provides medium-term wound support and is widely used in the majority of surgical operations.

First Export

After successfully serving the needs of Greek hospitals and clinics, the first export shipment was fulfilled, signifying a new era of success in terms of our sales records.

Monofast / Monosorb Sutures

Monofast / Monosorb monofilament synthetic absorbable surgical sutures are introduced. These are ideal for general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, even in microsurgery and ophthalmic surgery.

First participation in MEDICA International Fair

After years of growth in all business aspects, our first participation in an international trade fair took place at Medica 2011 in Dusseldorf. Since then, a series of world-class exhibitions were added to our portfolio, with Medica, IDS and EuroPerio being the major ones.

Profimed (PTFE)

We are among the first companies to produce PTFE sutures, an ideal product that ensures medical professionals can perform reliable suturing with confidence for most surgical applications.

PGLA / RPGLA / Supramid

Different types of synthetic absorbable sutures are introduced in an attempt to widen the solutions portfolio by Medipac. Also, the black Supramid regarded as an ideal variant of Polyamid is an extra addition towards completing the non-absorbable suture class.

First participation in IDS International Fair

IDS is the leading global international dental show, which takes place every two years in Cologne. The business-level orientation of the firm is such that much attention is paid to the surgeon’s needs in the dental sector.

Dental PTFE Membranes

The production of PTFE and Ti-PTFE Regenerative Membranes begins. PTFE Membranes are manufactured according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, and they are used in periodontics, implantology and any dental surgical procedure that requires a mechanical barrier.

Fixation Pins & Screws

With a holistic approach to the production of medical devices, high performance Titanium Micropins and Microscrews are produced, being articles intended generally for membrane fixation purposes.

Cardio Package

A special package is introduced, for use in Cardiovascular surgical operations. This is another indisputable sign of the company’s focused strategic mentality to move forward and keep up with the new market trends in the medical field.

New Research &
Innovation Center

A new R&I Center is built right next to the firm's facilities, serving as a hub of innovative thinking and technological advancements.

New Production site
ISO Class 8 Clean Room

An ambitious project gets officially initiated in late 2023, denoting a milestone in the long-run course of Medipac. This one pertains to the expansion of the firm’s production line, designed to house a completely new ISO 8 Clean Room. The project is in progress.